first friday of fall

It's officially fall, lovelies, do you know what that means?  It means it's the rainy season in NYC, so I should be ready to tuck my skinny workpants into my Hunter wellies every day from here on out.  It's raining today, and the minutes are ticking away especially slowly until the weekend starts... but this week has blown by in a haze (so much of a haze that I STILL haven't posted pics from DC, but that's what Saturday is for, right?)
Anyway... here's some cool stuff to keep you occupied while you snuggle under the blankets and listen to the rain:

I should probably go ^check this out^ on my lunch break... you know, if the rain doesn't wash it away

Yummy things to eat and drink: salted caramel hot chocolate and a mug of grilled cheese and tomato soup

My friend Meg is giving away a Longchamp Tote Bag to celebrate her 1 year blogiversary!

Cutest baby penguin ever! (I realize that baby penguins are adorably by definition, but I'm sure you'll agree that this is #1)

It'll be 2012 in the blink of an eye, put one of these pretty calendar prints on your christmas list... I think I would frame min :-)

It's almost time for the weekend... I hope yours is a good one!
<3 barb

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  1. Thanks for the mention!! Maybe you'll go two for two with my giveaway :)


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