seriously, why was I taking pictures like this?
These were the shoes I wore in college. Literally all of college, I had three pairs of them... the last of which may or may not still be wallowing in the depths of my closet. Does this seem silly to you? Or even odd, that the girl who is now totally obsessed with boots, heels, flats, wedges, and really all manner of fabulous/ridiculous shoes would have defaulted to these checkered Vans sneakers for literally FIVE years?! Well, as I was thinking about this random fact post (and I knew I had to feature these shoes because, well, I TOOK PICTURES of them) I came upon what might be the reason I clung to them for so long. I was wearing these shoes during a major life moment- I was wearing them when I met the ladies who would eventually become my sorority sisters! 
I was at the final event of orientation week at my college, and I was hanging out with some guys (don't roll your eyes, my school was 75% male) when a group of girls who were obviously not freshmen introduced themselves to me and told me that they were members of Alpha Gamma Delta.  It was a turning point for me... I could easily picture myself being friends with these girls, they were friendly and fun and pretty, and on that day they picked me!  Maybe it had nothing to do with how I looked, maybe nobody noticed the shoes (actually, I'm pretty sure that someone later revealed the shoes as my identifier, i.e. "the girl wearing the checkered sneakers") but this was probably the reason the shoes stuck.  That and they're so darn comfy and easy to slip on... says the girl who wears "practical" 6 inch platforms to work in Manhattan and spends most of her 45 minute lunch break walking.  
the shoes at the end of my time in Rome... yes, those are holes at the toes
Even though their moment has passed, these shoes will always be a part of some very special memories!

<3 barb

P.S. If you're looking for pictures from Washington, DC... PJ took so very many, and after we weed through them, I'll be posting.  Thank's for your patience!


  1. Barb I love your story about those checkered sneakers. it made me laugh and I had to check your closet.
    YES, they are still there. lol
    Love, Mom

  2. I totally knew you as the girl with checkered shoes before I even knew you!

  3. aw cute :) in high school i only wore chuck taylors. I had 7 pairs!!! woah.
    now i'm a shoe-aholic and i love heels, boots, flats, everything :)

    xo Moorea


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