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You know how sometimes you read something and it just sparks up a million thoughts and ideas in your mind, and you just want to talk about it and share it with everyone you know?!  Well, that is how I felt when I read yesterdays Motherhood Monday: how to talk to girls on A Cup of Jo.  It discussed how by always complimenting little girls on their clothes, hair, and accessories, we teach them that their looks are most important.  In the original article, Lisa Bloom suggests talking to young girls about books and shares how exciting it can be to have a really intelligent conversation with someone so young, who is learning new things every day.
yes, this is me and my cousin... yes, we have always been fabulous
While I am not a mother, and I don't know many little girls, I could easily relate this to MANY conversations I have with the ladies I speak to all the time.  The major brain wave I had over this was related to sorority recruitment.  As an active sister throughout my college career, I was heavily involved with recruitment.  During that time of the year, we were literally not allowed to talk about boys, parties, drinking, things you do behind closed doors, etc.  Basically, we wanted to attract girls for the right reasons, not because they thought we would bring them to awesome parties (which, eventually, we would).  But somehow, this translated to "since you cant talk about boys, compliment their hair or purse".  WHAT?!  I went to a really good college, full of amazing young women studying everything from Nuclear Engineering to Biology to Product Design.  If we are all so intelligent, why aren't we focusing on more intelligent topics?
The article especially hit me with the suggestion of talking about books.  I have ALWAYS been a girl who loves a good book, but I very rarely talk about all the reading I do, even with my closest friends.  Now that is just silly, so I'm going to make more of an effort to share my thoughts about books, news, and ideas (I'm thinking in the form of book and/or movie reviews, or linkups to intelligent articles like this).  Even though appearance isn't everything, I'll continue sharing my favorite clothing, accessories, and shoes as well, since  beauty AND brains are a great combination :-)

<3 barb

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  1. What a great post, Barb. It rings very true, unfortunately for most women.

    You are so sweet, thanks for the shoutout! So glad to have you this month :)

  2. Awesome thoughts Babs. Books are a great conversation starter. Ben and I seem to talk about hypothetical science stuff a lot. Our most recent conversation had to do with how to build a real life lightsaber. Once we spent a whole evening on the topic of a space elevator. I think these are conversations that girls can have with each other, too!


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