shoes for architects

Eamz Pump in Lemon
Earlier this week I saw a pair of sandals from United Nude on Moorea Seal's blog... I thought they were pretty snazzy, and so I made my way over to the website to see what other styles were available.  Little did I know that I had discovered the mecca of shoes for architects.
Block Ankle Strap in Pewter
Maybe I'm the last to know about them, since I actually spotted the style above in my sisters Seventeen magazine, but I think they are pretty awesome.  I love the geometry, the bright neon colors against more natural shades and textures... seriously, its love.  And if I didn't already have way too many pairs of shoes, I just might spend the $$ on a pair!
Mobius Hi in Zebra
I'm particularly impressed by the sleek design of the Mobius series.  I literally had to look at each different picture several times to figure out what was going on with the shape, which is really a mobius strip created by the heel and front strap!  If anything screams ARCHITECT, its something that you have to look at for a long time until you realize that its completely inexplicable.

<3 barb

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  1. That's where I see you in five years. Desiging something amazing like that!


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