a month of Katie

Tuesday concluded what I jokingly referred to as "a month of celebrating Katie". If you know me, then you know that Katie is my only (and yes, my favorite) sister. Not only is she beautiful, but she's smart and funny, has great fashion sense, and is just about the coolest person ever. So, why were we celebrating her all month? Besides all of the above, there was Track & Field Championships, Senior Prom, High School Graduation, and finally her 18th Birthday! I know, pretty big month... Not gonna lie, I was pretty jealous of all the fun she had!
She may actually kill me for posting this photo, but how could I not? Finally, as a senior (and team captain), Katie found her event... the 1500m Racewalk. After winning the Staten Island public school championship race, she went on to New York City champs, where she set a school record. Add being a pretty impressive athlete to the list...
At the risk of going overboard, I should mention to you that she couldn't catch a ball if her hands were covered with glue. Yup, that's something she learned from her big sister... or, didn't.
Then there was prom, where Katie proved that you don't need to be serious to be beautiful. Above, she is demonstrating the multitude of ways to style the sash on the front of her gown!
Since I'm such a good sister, I used the extra fabric trimmed off to hem the dress to make a flower hair clip for Katie's hair. What's that? You wish you had a sister like me? Yea, so do I! Hahaha... Just kidding... Kind of...
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, here's Katie with her best friend Victoria, who also happens to have beautiful, brightly printed gown. Where were these fun dresses when I went to prom? So jealous.
Family photo at graduation! We're so proud of her... Not that we ever doubted she would graduate... She's a genius! But look at her fancy collar and her medal, she was inducted into the National Honor Society, and received an award for Character. More like for BEING a character!
This picture kept growing. Every time a student walked past, they jumped in! That's one of their favorite teachers in the middle.
This is Katie and I with a teacher we both had (and absolutely love!)... There was no way I'd miss that photo opp! And yes, we are wearing matching outfits, but not on purpose :-)

I planned to wrap up this post with pics from the birthday weekend, which is also 4th of July weekend, but I didn't realize that my new iPad camera adapter wouldn't take my xD card... So those pics aren't available yet. Not to mention how lengthy this post has gotten, which isn't surprising, I could talk about Katie all day!
I'm going to get it together and download my pics... I've got some sweet b-day crafts to show too ;-)

<3 barb

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  1. Aw this was a cute sister shout out! Your blog is super cute barb!


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