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PJ and I really love a good dessert (who doesn't?) so we like to be adventurous and try new recipes!  Recently, we tried out a really yummy one for Baklava Cups, via Sunny Anderson of the food network.  I won't post the recipe since it's not really mine to share, but you can get it from the link.

It took us a bit longer than expected, since there is not food processor at my house... we later realized that we could've used the Slap Chop! 

This is the absolutely yummytastic final product... they disappeared fairly quickly, but I can see these being made again soon :-)

A little video of our baklava in progress

Any recipes for sweet treats that I should try out?  We're always looking for something new!
<3 barb


  1. Next time pop all the nuts in a gallon size zip baggie. Remove air and seal well. Then go to town with a meat block or rolling pin or can of anything in your pantry. It should cut your time way down and make clean up easier too.

    They look amazing though!

  2. A rolling pin at barbs house!? I quickly learned that does not exist!

    Side note we made them again at my house. And this time we used a food processor and it significantly cut the time down. Still fun to make either way.



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