finally, something i want!

If you're a regular reader, you may have noticed an absence of "want wednesday" posts.  If I may explain myself, it's not that there's nothing I want, it's just that after Christmas I was really happy with everything that I received and so I thought it was best to take a break from scavenging the web for awesome "stuff".  However, all that changed this weekend...
PJ and I ran away for the weekend again, this time for a few days of snowboarding in Vermont.  I'll spare all the details and just tell you that it was very cold and very windy and, although beautiful, was not conducive to picture taking... so that's why you won't see a full post about it.

Anyway, I digress... on day 2 of snowboarding, when I gracefully lowered to the snow to clip into my board (or I plunked myself down, either way) I noticed that one of the clips at the back of my binding was all busted up!  While it was still functioning for the time being, I knew that after a mere 2 years and probably less than a dozen days on the trails, my bindings were trashed.  And really, it wasn't even due to my own clumsiness!  There was no point that I can remember hitting or catching them anywhere!
So, those bindings will need a replacement, and I give you these beauties:

why, hello there sexy lady!

They're the Burton Stiletto Bindings... could you imagine a more fabulous name for a snowboard binding?  I feel like my riding will be more chic and sassy just *thinking* about getting them!  

Well, I should get back to work... lots to do before I leave today ::grumbles::
<3 barb

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