happy december!

This month, I'll be sponsoring 2 very lovely ladies (and thei'r awesome blogs/ shops) who I definitely think you should check out (if you haven't already!)

One of them is Shawni, over at A Spoonful of Love
She shares recipes, cute outfits, lots of pictures, her love of Taylor Swift, and has just opened a new etsy shop A Bit of Lace, where you can find pretty handmade bookmarks and headbands!  Also, I have to confess that Shawni offered FREE sponsor spots for December, which makes her super extra sweet :-)

The other you may recognize from before... its Chelsea from Seablanket!
This talented lady has lots of awesome weekly features: playlists for Sweet Sunday, great DIYs on Tutorial Tuesday, and awesome inspiration of Feature Friday, just to name a few.  And don't miss the Seablanket etsy shop, filled to the brim with handmade lovelies and vintage finds!

Need I say more? Go visit Shawni and Chelsea right away!

<3 barb


remember: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all :-)


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