distracted... but still wanting

Obviously, I'm totally distracted lately by craft fair prep (Richmond County Fair, Sept 4-6) but that doesn't mean I don't want anything... On the contrary, I'm trying to find an appropriate reward/ gift for myself when it's all over and a HUGE success :-)

So, here's the most recent thing I favorited on Etsy... it's an old polaroid camera.  While I don't necessarily like to jump on the bandwagon with things like this (polaroids are so trendy right now), I do think it would be cool to have actual pictures... you know, without all the drama that comes with trying to self print digital photos... the ink runs out, the paper loads improperly, I smudge the ink before it dries, etc...

Anyway... you can just click the pic to get it for me, and save it for after the fair... if you want to be really awesome, you can get me some film too!

<3 barb

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