new blog for a new life!

so here i am, starting this new blog to match my new etsy shop... i've successfully completed and presented my thesis, and i passed, so i'll be graduating college in just two short weeks... my degree is in architecture and i've always wanted to be a designer... i just don't know what i really want to design, so for now im trying out headbands
this blog probably won't help my obsession with checking etsy, or checking my fan page on facebook, since really it's just one more thing to check compulsively every hour, all day, every day... but maybe once i get rolling with designing new headbands i'll start posting them on here as well as on my shop!  that would be good of me...
anyway, for now i'm just super excited about graduating, and hopefully once that excitement wears off i'll be trying out some new designs... so i guess stay tuned!  ...and check me out at bandsnbows.etsy.com

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