making some new stuff?

so i've graduated from college and im home now... and i have some headbands to make... im making a Mets colored headband for my friend Kerry... and i'm about to embark on a Fendi headband for my friend Ili... needless to say both are fabulous... pictures will follow soon, i promise
i'm getting into my new routine at home... settling back in with my parents, reorganizing all my stuff, throwing out old stuff (i hate throwing things out!!)... i'm also trying to start running again, i ran today, we'll see how long that lasts
another order of business is my sisters Sweet 16... i designed her invitations, and im currently designing some other decorations for the party that will match the invites... i think every 16 year old wishes they had a sister like me, right? i'm doing all this out of the goodness of my heart... pictures to follow of all this wonderful stuff as well...
i've also just started a twitter, i don't really know what twitter is all about, but i figure it could be good for my shop, which hasn't gotten any sales yet, but who knows? it could get some soon right?  i'm hoping it does... visit my shop! buy my headbands! ...either that or just browse etsy for some other fabulous stuff, like the purse i bought from bayanhippo! her bags are fantastic, and affordable... i'm fairly obsessed!! ...oh etsy

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