dear alarm clock, please be quiet
Lately, things have been busy... not bad busy, but busy in the way that I spend my free time doing things I want to do with people I want to be with.  And that is awesome... but it also means I haven't checked in here in quite a while.  Sorry for that!  To make up for it, here's a few life tidbits:

NYC coffee cup and heat wrap
I'm taking a Graphic Design class that has me really excited.  It's fun to push myself to design, to learn new things, and to get some feedback on the work I'm doing.

Michael auctioning off Nick's necktie on stage
Last week Katie was home, and in addition to helping me clean out my closet (awesome), we went with our boys to see How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.  Nick Jonas was funny and charming in the lead role, but Michael Urie really nailed his role as the boss's spoiled nephew :-)
After the show, Michael came onstage to offer up Nick's costume necktie for auction to benefit Broadway Cares.  Bidding went up to $600 for just the necktie, and once a private backstage tour with the two of them was added to the mix, not one but TWO crazy fans paid $1300 each for a necktie and a tour.  Wow!

H&M dress
Since I cleaned out my closet (thanks Katie!), I treated myself to some pretties this week.  One was the H&M dress shown above, the other is a pair of pink Gap Khakis.  They don't have the color I bought in stock right now, but all the colors are great for spring/summer!

Obviously, that's not even the tip of the iceberg, but more will follow... I promise!
<3 barb

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