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I had told Barb that I refused to write another post until I got my car back from the shop....guess whats back! Be warned, this is a long post!

I am a huge car nut. I go to plenty of car shows and races each year. I'm so into cars that I am writing this post with my racing helmet on!


The main focus of my obsession is my 2006 Pontiac GTO. This car means everything to me. At its current state she (her name is Abigail) puts down 425 HP to the rear wheels. That's about 500 HP at the motor. She does 0-60 in about 4 seconds and can very easily go sideways, which Barb absolutely hates. Did I mention Abigail is insanely loud!

This is Abigail!

This is Abigail after she went to the shop to get a few exterior modifications done and this is the result.

Just to give a list of things done I powder coated the rims, tinted all the lights, added an off center stripe color matched to the rims, color matched the rear valance and paint the "GTO" lettering, color match the roof drip molding, painted the engine cover grey and orange to match the car and last but not least changed the spoiler.

I hope you think it looks great

Anyway here is a special white knuckle driving playlist

And again to celebrate Abigail return here is a video of her!

The above is Abigail running. I wanted to give you guys a sense of how loud she is. Isn't Barb lucky!

-PJ (firing on all 8!)

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  1. OMG Barb this is the best post ever! You're so lucky!

    -a random female reader who's intials happen to be PJ. But I SWEAR I'm not your boyfriend posing as a girl to write a comment on your blog....I SWEAR!


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