katie goes to college

On Sunday, the fam took a trip to The Melting Pot, for our last big dinner out before taking Katie to college.  We had so much fun with all the different types of fondue, and it was a nice long evening of laughing and enjoying our time together.  Here's the pics... they're dark but you get the picture:
mom and dad
have I mentioned that I love these two?
lots of yummy food
mom with a lobster tail nose!
yea, I did it too!
Anyway, we're bringing Katie to college and I am so excited for her, even though I will miss her so much.  I've had so much fun being home with her since I graduated, but I know that she will learn so many things, and make great friends, and have the time of her life.  That's what college is all about, right?
my best friend
In case you were wondering, Katie is going to school for Interior Design.  She is so creative, so intelligent, and has such an amazing eye for style... I know that she will do very well with her chosen major.  I can't wait to see her work!  (and, I can't wait to have another little designerd hanging around the house, so we can talk fonts and photoshop)  I just can't believe it's time for her to go to college already, I always think of her as being so young... probably because she IS seven years younger than I am.  But this will be the start of a very big adventure, and I wish her success and happiness on her journey :-D
this calls for some T Swift:

<3 barb

PS - After PJ and I help Katie move into her dorm, we'll be heading down to DC for a little vacation.  Hooray!


  1. This almost made me cry- mostly because I still think Katie is 7. Have fun today!

  2. Awww you're such a sweet sister! Where is Katie headed for school? Have fun in DC, such a great city!! (Says the girl from the DC metro, lol!)


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