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Here's another random fact to answer any lingering questions you have about my coolness: I am a lifelong nerd.  Not in the geeky losery kinda way, of course, but in the accelerated programs throughout my life kinda way.  I was put in the top class in second grade, stayed in honors through middle school and went to a specialized high school where I totally nerded out for 4 years, scored a 1590 on the SAT (back in the day when 1600 was a perfect score), and took 6 AP classes.  Then I went to an even nerdier college, literally a place where the word "nerd" possibly originated.
I sounds like I'm bragging, right?  Well, I am... but I'm not just here to brag about myself - I'm here to brag about my high school, Staten Island Technical High School, which is getting some really good press as of late and I'm so happy to say that Katie and I are both alumni of one of the best math and science schools in the country!
This video is a little long, but I had to include:
According to the U.S. News and World Report ranking of High Schools, S.I. Tech ranks not only #34 on the Gold Medal Schools list, but #13 on the list of Best High Schools for Math and Science!  It received the highest ranking of the NYC Specialized High Schools, which is something that Staten Island is really proud of.
All rankings aside, I really loved attending S.I. Tech and I agree that it is a very special school.  I made friends with intelligent, creative, and fun people during my time there that I have remained close with.  I have four years worth of memories of "spirited discussions" in class, teachers who were passionate and engaged with their students, and a feeling that everybody at the school was committed to the success of every student.  Maybe I'm sugar coating it now that I'm a few years removed, but high school can be a tough time and being part of a small community of like-minded people is a huge advantage in making it through successfully.
So, congratulations to S.I. Tech! You truly deserve it :-)
<3 barb

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