Sans a band I just found

In the last year I found myself listening to a lot of Progressive rock. Maybe it's because I'm getting older and more mellow..... or it because it fits the background noise needed for some tasks, I have no idea! During this musical adventuring I found a few Progressive rock groups that I really like a lot, Black Light Burns and The Mayan Factor, just to name two.

Recently however I found myself listening to a group called Sans Seraph over and over on last.fm and I had to find more songs. Unfortunately this way awesome band that makes way awesome music (and has a way awesome name with a play on words) is ALREADY broken up! They only released one album which you can't even buy on iTunes!

I guess the happy ending of this story is I made a playlist of their album for you AND the band is allegedly getting back together with a few new members and a new name this year.

-PJ (for shizzle)

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