friday friday friday!

Thats 3 fridays, since I've missed 2 weeks in a row of friday faves, so this makes up for 3!  Well, that's not really true, I won't give you 3 weeks worth of my favorites, because that would be overload, I think.  Here's some recent faves, possibly dispersed over the past few weeks:

Shawni Marie is one of the sweetest bloggers I know, and her posts lately have been especially thoughtful, like this one of 21 ways to say it better...  

If I were to ever buy a really fancy scrabble, it would be this one... its FONTastic! as usual, DesignCrush finds some of the best stuff out there :-)  
sadly, it's just a concept for now

What's better than Pantone colors? The Pantone Fashion Report, which was brought to my attention by The Dingbat's Agenda... I think my favorite is "emberglow", which is no surprise to anyone who knows me or has seen my wardrobe!

I've been busy, stressed, and overwhelmed the past few weeks... but Bri at Design Love Fest reminded me last week that everyone feels this way sometimes, and all we can do is do our best!

Happy Friday to you All!  I'm looking forward  to a nice relaxing weekend :-)
<3 barb

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