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I've been getting a lot of "what do you want for Christmas?" lately... so I thought it was about time I got back to my usual schedule of Wednesday Wants...

Since this is probably the last week you can order things on a lot of sites (especially Etsy or Big Cartel shops) and still guarantee they arrive on time for Christmas, I pulled this weeks list from some of my favorite independent crafters and vintage vendors:

Obviously, I'm not a girl who can resist bright plastic accessories... these vintage bangles from Frecklewonder are so perfect!

This beauty has appeared before, but since I still don't have it... 
I would LOVE this vintage Polaroid Camera from 8bits, along with some film (below) from The Impossible Project 

I've also been casually browsing all sources for Washi Tape... but this Juicy Orange set from Happytape is my favorite so far!  Perfect colors to package items from my shop, and the patterns are really fun :-)

Wall calendars are a pretty standard Christmas gift item in my house, but this colorful poster by Melissa Design is anything but the usual... I love the bright colors, I love the way it looks like ribbons, and I love that there's still writing space to keep it functional... lovely.

If you're still wondering about what to get me after all that, or you think you'll procrastinate too long to get me any of this, I'll have more wants next week that are more easily acquired ;-)
<3 barb

PS- Want to know what else is on my list? Visit my want wednesday archive!

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