crazy times already!

So, I think it was on Thursday that I decided I was going to have a vendor space at the Richmond County Fair, and since then I've been spazzing out, making lists, randomly blurting out ideas, and going a little crazy.
However, this is the good crazy... this is the crazy that happens when you are just BURSTING at the seams with creative energy!  And I really do love it, even though it makes me feel like I'm back in school, preparing for a major presentation... which I was rarely prepared for... but I think with all the support and help I'm already getting from friends and family, everything will be great!

So a quick weekend recap:
In between stints of being a human headband-making factory, PJ and I found some time for fun:
fun with balloons...

fun with piggies...

and fun with Spartans!

The headbands are happening at a pretty amazing rate... I'm impressed with how many are made so far!  If this keeps up, there will be plenty to sell at the fair, and I'm SO excited!!
completed headbands!

some ruffles... love these colors :-)

more works in progress!

There's so much going on here, and I'm pretty proud of myself and the way things are moving along... time to get back to work, but of course I will keep you up to date!

<3 barb

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  1. How'd I end up on your kitchen table?! Love the plaid purple headband btw.. I think it really stands out from the rest, and maybe it would be good to have a variety of textures and patterns. Great work!


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