sweet sixteen...

so... i'm a terrible blogger...
the main reason i'm so bad at blogging is because im just too busy... these past few weeks ive been working on decorations for my sister's sweet sixteen party... if you aren't from a sweet sixteen area, let me tell you, these are not just another birthday party... its huge, theres a big dress, theres lots of people, there are decorations, theres a dj... the list goes on and on
anyway, since i am somewhat crafty and enjoy making things, i volunteered to make the decorations for said humongo party... and i'm pleased to say that even though they took up a crazy amount of my time, everything looked great!!

this is a sign- in board... basically everyone comes in and writes "happy sweet 16! you look beautiful" on it... its pretty humongous (that picture is an 8x10)
this is one of the invitations... i made them a while back... then i made everything else to match... i like when things match...
here's one of the candelabra... basically they dont put candles on the cake anymore, they put them on this thing... and they are skinny taper candles... because you light each of them individually... during a candle ceremony... which basically involves saying nice things about friends and family and having them come up to light a candle with you...
a close- up of the top of the sign- in board

so yea, im really happy about how everything turned out... amazing what you can do with some foam core, a bit of tulle, and a LOT of glitter... seriously i had glitter in my hair for days... but maybe this will be some sort of new hobby or job... it was fun... and i think im pretty good at it!!
what do you think??


  1. I loved your candelabra, how did you cut/make the word katie? The actual words are stunning!

  2. I love the candelabra! how did you make the letters?

    1. For the letters I used foam board that I actually lasercut, which allowed me to be very accurate. The same thing could also be done using a stencil and a sharp xacto knife. I used 2 cutouts to create the shadow effect, with one painted blue and then covered in glitter, and the other painted black. It was relatively simple, but it took patience to get it all right!


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